Studies in Logic and Theory of Knowledge vol. 5

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Antoni Stępień, Józef Herbut, Stanisław Kiczuk



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Table of Contents

Stanislaw  K i c z u k, A Dispute about the Applicability of Formal Logic to Philosophy in the Lublin School; Stanislaw  Ki c z u k, Remarks on Some types of Necessity; Marek L e c h n i a k, Some Remarks about Attempts of Intuitive Interpretation of Jan Lukasiewicz’s Three-Valued Logic; Pawel G a r b a c z, Philosophical Motivations of Jan Lukasiewicz’s Three-Valued Logic; Pawel G a r b a c z, An Attempt at the Reconstruction of System Z and Its Philosophical Foundation; Bozena Czernecka, Jan Lukasiewicz’s Conception of the Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus; Arkadiusz Gut, The Existential Judgement and Cognition of Existence (an Analysis of the Views of F. Brentano and M.A. Krapiec); Jacek  W o j t y s i a k, An Attempt at Reinterpreting the (Neo)Thomistic Conception of Existential Judgement; Antoni B. S t ę p i e n, Is Reason in a Position to Defend Itself? The Reasons for Cognitive Mistakes; Antoni B. S t ę p i e n, An Introduction into the Problems of the Relation Between the Methodology of the Sciences and the Sphere of Values; Stanislaw  J u d y c k i, Transcausal Dependence and Dualism; Andrzej B r o n k, Stanislaw Majdanski, The Category of Description: The Dynamics of Its Meanings (a Hermeneutical Analysis); Pawel  K a w a l e c, Laudan Thesis and Internalism of Jaakko Hintikka’s Theory of Induction; Piotr K u l i c k i, Remarks on Axiomatic Rejection in Aristotle’s Syllogoistic; Anna I. B u c z e k, Zu einer Konzeption der Philosophic der Mathematik; Jacek W o j t y s i a k, Life as a Mode of Existence (Ingardenian Conception of Life); Jacek   W o j t y s i a k, There Must Be Something (In Reference to the Paper by Peter van Inwagen Why Is There Anything at All?

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