Faculties and Committiees of the KUL Learned Society

Faculty of Theology

Rev. Dr. Hab.. Kazimierz Pek, Prof. KUL – Chairman
Rev. Dr. Hab.. Andrzej Kiciński, Prof. KUL – Deputy Chairman
Dr. Michał Wyrostkiewicz – Secretary

Faculty of Philosophy

Dr hab. Zbigniew Wróblewski, Prof. KUL – Chairman
Deputy Chairman – vacat
Rev. Dr. Hab. Dariusz Dąbek – Secretary

Faculty of History and Philology

Dr. Hab. Urszula Paprocka-Piotrowska, Prof. KUL – Chairman
Dr. Hab. Jolanta Klimek-Grądzka, Prof. KUL – Deputy Chairman
Dr. Dagmara Nowacka – Secretary

Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Hab. Marian Surdacki – Chairman
Dr. Hab. Wiesław Partyka – Deputy Chairman
Dr. Helena Błazińska – Secretary

Faculty of Legal Sciences

Rev. Prof. Dr. Hab. Józef Krukowski – Chairman
Abp Prof. Dr. Hab. Andrzej Dzięga – Deputy Chairman
Rev. Dr. Hab.. Mirosław Sitarz, prof KUL – Secretary

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Prof. Dr. Hab. Ryszard Szyszka – Chairman
Dr. Hab. Henryk Piersa, Prof. KUL – Deputy Chairman
Dr. Agnieszka Ścibor – Secretary

Off-Campus Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences

Rev. Dr. Hab. Tadeusz Guz, Prof. KUL – Chairman

"In order to ensure a proper framework and suitable working conditions for its members, interested in specific academic disciplines or related fields (editorial, bibliographical and documentary), the Faculty can appoint a commission, committee or institute, at the request of the Board of Directors of the Learned Society" (from the statute of the TN KUL, §4)

Pedagogical Committee

Dr. Hab. Alina Rynio, Prof. KUL – Chairman

Psychological Committee

Dr. Hab. Małgorzata Tatala, Prof. KUL – Chairman

Committee of Philosophy of Nature

Dr. Hab. Józef Zon, Prof. KUL – Chairman

Historical Committee

Prof. Dr. Hab. Eugeniusz Niebelski – Chairman

Committee of Christian AntiquityResearch

Rev. Prof. Dr. Hab. Mariusz Szram – Chairman
Dr. Hab. Ewa Osek – Deputy Chairman
Dr. Anna Głowa – Secretary

History of Theology and Medieval Philosophy Research Committee

Abp. Prof. Dr. Hab. Stanisław Wielgus – Chairman

Jacques Maritain Committee


Religion Research Committee

Sr. Prof. Dr. Hab. Zofia Zdybicka – Chairman

Committee of the Cultural Studies

Rev. Prof. Dr. Hab. Piotr Moskal – Chairman

Committee of the Science Studies

Dr. Hab. Paweł Kawalec, Prof. KUL – Chairman

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