18th Colloquia Norwidiana Conference

Ministry of Education and Science, under the “Excellent Science” Programme, co-funded the following research project:

Project title: 18th Colloquia Norwidiana Conference: Norwid’s Late Work

Agreement No. DNK/SN/546494/2022
Amount of funding: 31,710.00 PLN

The conference program focused on the last years of Cyprian Norwid’s life, which the poet spent in the House of St. Kazimierz (1877-1883) in Paris. The participants presented papers on both Norwid’s artistic work from this period (poetry, prose, visual art) and his biography.

The conference organizers set apart this period of Norwid’s life and work because it was a time of very intense creative work, which resulted in many excellent works (including great late poetry written after Vade-mecum, very original short stories – the so-called Italian trilogy: Ad leones, The Mystery of Lord Singelworth, Stigmata; and extremely interesting watercolors). Moreover, Norwid’s late work has not been studied separately (unlike, e.g. his early, youthful period).

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