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Roczniki Pedagogiczne [Annals of Pedagogies]

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Roczniki Pedagogiczne
Annals of Pedagogies
Annales P

ISSN 2080-850X

The Learned Society of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin - Faculty of Social Sciences

Editorial Office Address:
ul. Droga Męczenników Majdanka 70
PL 20-325 Lublin


 Annals of Pedagogies (the continuation of “Annals of Social Sciences” no 2: Pedagogy, from 1976 r.), published quarterly from 2012, is an academic pedagogical journal. Its aim is to present up-to-date, original empirical and influential theoretical contributions in various areas of educational sciences, and to promote new and creative ideas about research and educational methods. It offers scholarly articles in four volumes dedicated to: 1/ theory and history of pedagogy and education, 2/ pedagogy of and for the school and didactics; 3/ special pedagogy and psycho-pedagogy; 3/ caring, protective and social pedagogy.

The Journal accepts contributions of four kinds:
1/ original articles, of both empirical and conceptual character;
2/ short communications,
3/ reviews;
4/ polemics, which consists a focus paper, followed by peer commentaries and a response by the author of the focus article.

Pedagogical Annals guarantees rigorous peer review process.

The Journal is addressed to academics, practitioners in different areas of applied pedagogy and to representatives of related sciences with an interest in important new pedagogical ideas and findings. Texts in foreign languages are also accepted and reviewed in their original language.

The primary version of the Journal is a paper edition.

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