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Fascicle 8: Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies

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Fascicle 8:  Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies
Theme: Termes et relations dans les corpus bilingues des domaines de l’artisanat

The Editorial Board of Roczniki Humanistyczne / Annals of Arts / Annales de Lettres et Sciences Humaines, fascicle 8 Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies, invites researchers to submit their papers and book reviews in French, Italian, Spanish or Polish for the forthcoming issue: Terms and relationships in bilingual corpus areas crafts, volume 67 (2019). The subject is going to be disscussed in a wide range of approaches as well as methodological tools and analyzed sources. Both theoretical and empirical studies are expected.

We accept only unpublished research papers of high scientific quality. Contributions of approximately 20 000 characters should be submitted via our online submission system (Login to the Journal).

Deadline for submissions: 28 February, 2019

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